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Originally Posted by Rapta View Post
I use the personal computer I always keep on me whenever I need the internet for ending a debate

my phone
I didn't get a mobile phone until I was 21 years old because my parents were strict with phones on me all my life and also I don't have data on my phone at the moment. If I have hotspots or someone's wifi password, then yeah, the phone is a go.

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
Are these strangers though? lol

If not, you got the duty to tell them their homepage is a stinker!
This has happened on 3 separate occasions. Once with my brother's computer, once with my father's computer, and once with a friend at school. That same damn trovi search.

My father gave me permission to fix it for him. My brother argued with me, telling me off that he is competent with internet browsing and he wanted it to be there. And my friend at school was ok with me removing the adware, but said that he could do the antivirus part by himself, so I left him with that.

But anywhooooooooo

Guess we can't find out what exactly happened with ThirdStyle until someone with website access on the deep end checks in with Google to see what they caught whiff of, yeah? Looking at a lot of the reports and it looks like some web admin will have to follow up with Google to get that resolved.
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

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