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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by TWG Mad Dummy View Post
MFW pazzaz was here, and then just peaces out without saying anything.

sorry, was eating
roundbox - niiiiiiiceeee, confirmed town
Shado - Well, I believe shadows claims, seems plausible, good guy etc.
neeee - suspicious of you, but mellon is still number 1 scum for me.
Pazzaz - ha
mellonxcollie - scum, lynch plz
Precarious - too late to lynch you for inactivity but please, post more

Originally Posted by TWG Mad Dummy View Post
b) if there was 1 neutral and 1 wolf remaining, we wouldn't be in mylo or lylo (i'm pretty sure) cause they could kill each other/for parity purposes it would be 4/1/1 (which isn't mylo)

so I think that there is EXACTLY 2 wolves.
Originally Posted by roundbox View Post
6 wolves? Are you high dude?
Roundbox, you implied there being 6 wolves in total is unlikely. To me, dummys reasoning seems pretty solid. Am I missing something?
Originally Posted by Buta-san View Post
Originally Posted by ilikexd View Post
tfw nanahira will never step on u
youll be surprised how possible this is.
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