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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by TWG Ike View Post
Would you fire Emblem?

No win-condition will change after the game has begun.
There is no fool, and no role that wins if town sleeps instead of lynches during a phase.
There are no roles that flip as anything other than their actual role.
Parity works as normal.
There is no dreamer-type role.
There is no thief-type role that can swap roles with another player, or steal another player's role.
Should third-parties be present, they shall exist in small numbers.
from the OP

i think the eliminates the chance that there is 2 neutrals or 1 neutral and 1 wolf remaining.

a) if it was 2 neutrals remaining, 3 neutrals and 4 wolves aren't what i would call 'small numbers'

b) if there was 1 neutral and 1 wolf remaining, we wouldn't be in mylo or lylo (i'm pretty sure) cause they could kill each other/for parity purposes it would be 4/1/1 (which isn't mylo)

so I think that there is EXACTLY 2 wolves.
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