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Default Re: R^3 Air 1.0.0 ALPHA Test

On a scale of 1-10, please rate your experience playing:

Flash in-browser: Haven't touched this since ancient times .-.
Flash standalone: Relatively stable, necessitates low fps (FP9 only) [7]
Air Edition 0.0.7: Higher framerate cap, constant visual stutter, inconsistent offsets [5]
Air Edition 1.0.0 ALPHA: Much better offsets and stable framerate (occasional slight drop/stutter down to FP9 levels) [9.5]

How does the Alpha build compare to Air Edition 0.0.7 and Flash? Has it fixed any issues that prevented you from playing Air Edition 0.0.7 (lower FPS, lag spikes, input delay, etc.)? Do you notice any new screen tearing?

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