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Default Re: "Number of AAAs"

Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
you are tied with 24 other people who have booflagged the file. The 630 people who have AAAed the song all share rank 1, the most recent person to AAA the file does not have rank 630.

The way that ties are ranked, and this is the way it is done in most events as far as I know (golf, for example) is such that if there are, say, three players tied behind 2nd place, those three players are tied for 5th place rather than 3rd. (There are, of course, exceptions to this but that's how its done on FFR.)

The difference here is that the people who have AAAed the file are not behind anyone, and as a result they are not sharing rank 630 or whatever number, whereas all lower ties share the lowest rank.

EDIT: ok that's not how it works in golf apparently
Actually, that's not how it works on FFR either. If a file (say Poison of the Earth) has 27 AAAs, then the 6 people with booflags are all rank 28.

I imagine there is something specific about 100 Bar Blackout's scoreboard that was showing an incorrect rank (maybe the old removed botted scores were pushing down the rank in the engine? idk).
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