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Default Re: TWG Turbo 29 Game Thread

Originally Posted by Gradiant View Post
It also would've been control of your own destiny to vote for your scum lean (as you should do in lylo), and then happen to be wrong about it. Going that route either your wrong and oops the wolves still rush, or shadow was actually a wolf and there's no rush so it's mechanically proven that he's one of the wolves as Charu stated already. Instead you throw by voting for your town.

It's a pretty shitty thing to do to say it's nobody's fault and you're not blaming anybody but continue to throw shit at charu and blame him for the outcome.
Being repeatedly asked about a scenario which revolved around interactions with Charu != shitting on him or blaming him.

I even covered it earlier as well, my PoE was wrong, my final vote was wrong.

When asked why did you do X, that resulted from interactions with Charu, thus to explain I have to bring in Charu, it's not like I instantly when postgame started went "lololooolololol charu worst mafia player in history"

And you say vote on your scum lean, which one, Shadow or AA? The two that does not fit on a team together, meaning they have a partner, who fits with both? DING DING DING Charu does.

You can be wrong on your reads, Charu was a very weak townread, Charu townread both my scumleans, and Charu didn't feel like he actually cared about solving my alignment, and his entire day had been "Pozzai is my kill" = I voted him.
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