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Default Re: 11th Official Tournament - Round 3

Originally Posted by Deidara837 View Post
Thanks mate, keep plugging at it, the only way you'll improve is if you don't give up and reassure yourself that you're more than capable of making it
I have been playing it on and off all day... If you look at my level ranks the gameplays on the file is very very wrong. There have been times I just restart continuously and have been playing on the Velocity engine....

Seems I play MUCH better on that engine, only thing I would add over from R^3 is the receptor spacing.....

But, my gameplay of Kanon is actually well over 150 plays. I'm still trying..... I KNOW I'm capable of AAA'ing the file in sections, but as a whole it's very tough. This file reminds me heavily of the song that eliminated me from the last official....
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