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Default Re: March/April Set 2

Originally Posted by VisD View Post

TURBO (Heavy) [**7/10]
5.888 consider move this off a minijack situation, no reason for that
6.122 lmfao okay --- this is silly as hell, but in a good way, i like it
7.763 I'm not really a fan of this section, not because it's wrong, but because it feels like a difficulty spike that ends up one of the hardest parts of this file, even though the melody is in the background and is pretty faint, and the music is overall much less intense here than everywhere later on
21.854 this grace note (and the one after) are misrhythms as 64ths. they're more like 16ths, slow down the song and listen again
23.231 ...this one, though, is fine. Most of the ones after are fine, too. Just make sure to recheck this section for correct grace note placement
31.200, 33.075, 34.950 etc etc: These minijacks don't really fit the music; I can see what you were going for, but listening at 100% rate, the synth does not repeat in these places like it does immediately prior to them (eg 32.723) whre the minijacks are warranted
32.026, 35.770 missing (For vocal)
45.731 I'm guessing you made all these patterns descending to avoid a repetitive feel with the same section later on, but the overall thrust of the song is dominantly upwards and intensifying at this point --- it felt a bit weird to me,
but nothing major. I'd personally do something like 132/143/243/and similar "mixed" patterns for the first half, but you do you
60.023 consider moving this to [234] to avoid the visual jack on 1, no repeating element
In the next section, it's a very good innovation to use minijacks so that this doesn't feel like a straight up repeat of the previous part, although it feels like you're only stepping half the minijacks (e.g. I don't know why
68.348 is not a minijack when 68.817 is, not hearing a difference)
I think the previous section could use some consistency in that aspect.
73.622 reverse pr
74.442 ghost
80.302 no minijack here
85.341 minijack here is attached to the wrong thing?
86.395 no minijack here , and this one shouldn't even be a minijack with the 4th imo
87.216 ^
92.020 need for a minijack here - what is the repeated element for accenting?
95.770 ^
99.720 ^ gonna stop pointing these out but these just kinda feel like very exaggerated difficulty for the sake of it
104.794 can at least have a jump here
105.263-108.075 not sure what all the 16ths in this bit go to
115.575+ watch the grace notes in this section again
122.372+ double synth sound effect has ended, all these jumps going to the melody should end now
next section has the same issues with the minijacks as its counterpart in the 30s bit
139.481+ as weird as this pattern is i actually quite like it; although 32nds instead of 48ths fit a lot better, filling out the full length of the sound effect each time instead of ending early. Also, has the same problem of being descending patterns in an intensifying and rising sectione
Rest of the file is more or less just repeats of earlier

Overall, this is actually a decent file and I liked it, although it did feel a little long on my playthrough, because so many of the sections kinda repeat, but you made clear effort to liven and change things up as appropriate, which was cool to see.
I did think the minijack usage was kind of exaggerated for some sections and forced the file to be more difficult than it really wanted to be.
Noteworthy changes:
solidified the mini jack use by only using them during 'hiccup' parts and changed anchor to show beat skip

pr has been gone over to give all ascending patterns where its due to accent the rising nature of the song (including the 48ths that are now 32nds and the ending scratch)

grace notes that were like 16ths i just removed altogether to favor repeating pr and bring more focus to the already correct 64ths

first big jumpstream got reduced to single repeating streams

second big jumpstream got a pr touch up

the 2 difficulty poly spikes you were talking about have been nerfed as well

File has been updated as well

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