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Default Re: March/April Set 2

Originally Posted by VisD View Post
2) this one is trickier...a TURBO just got accepted in the OT batch. There isn't an Aggressor situation here, since that was submitted on 2/2, so I'm wondering if this file is actually different enough (especially after fixes) to justify a v2 or [Another]. Given the fact that you've gone ahead and labeled this file with [Heavy], I'm guessing you've already seen that OT file and it's significantly easier? In any case, this file will need to be checked for enough difference (stylistic or difficulty-wise) to justify a second version going in-game so quickly after the first one will be.
We discussed this on discord together. It's different enough to warrant another chart (big difficulty increase). Assuming he fixes the issues, it's up to the game manager whether this gets released as a regular [Heavy] version or maybe a v2 skill token.
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