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Default Re: 12th Official Tournament

Originally Posted by _DJ Vinyl_ View Post
Well this was a cancer of a tournment, I died so many times to the ball part in one of the songs.
This tournament was run quite well. there were a few song/file choices here and there that i wasn't the bigest fan of *cough* bang *cough* but i dont think any of them had a major impact or were that bad of a song (i actually thing bang is a pretty good file). there is only one big fuck up that really happened, but it was dealt with accordingly. there was also the token with a questionable title, but again, it was dealt with quickly and the token was changed.

From what i can tell, you had a bad time because you were not at you're peak skill during the OT. The bottom of D3 is level 50. You are "expected" to be able to AAA a lvl 50 song. You're levels and placing are based on how you do a peak performance. a level 47 and level 54 are both reasonably difficulty songs for the first two rounds of a tourny. Looking at your top scores its clear that you weren't at your peak performance. 99% of all your scores were set over a year ago or close to a year. When towards at the bottom of D3 its not unexpected for you to do poorly when not at peak.

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