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Default SKlitter's Uneven Baroque Collection (Submissions open)

Hey everyone, this is my next pack I'm making. The songs have no specific theme but the files will be mostly technical with a few dumps in between.
For the first time, I will be taking submissions. Some things to note:

- The genre doesn't matter much to me, but if you submit (good) speedcore, trance or trap (or nostalgia shit from the 2000's) you have like 99% chance of being accepted.
- Files should range between 1:45 and 5 minutes.
- Likewise, difficulty should be around 15 to 25. Close to 20 is best.
- Technical (dump) files are preferred
- Would be great if your files aren't included in another pack already, save if it's your own.
- I won't set a deadline right away, just when we close in on 25-30 files and I am satisfied with the pack.
- Make sure to make the file name "Song (Mapper)"
- Contact me on Discord: Sklitterbeer#7293

Progress Doc

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