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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, February 7th, 2016 10:15 PM EST

Updates from last week:

- Last week I mostly focused on catching up with academics after falling behind with the implementation of the Public Judgment System. I'm feeling better now.
- gameboy42690 finished Set 1 Reviewer Notes, although he needs to clarify something with the lead judge.
- I finished Set 4 in Phase 1 of the High FGO Special Batch. I'll put off Set 5 and 6 for now to focus on a new plan for the BSE site because integrating it into FFR is going to take much more investigation and in the meantime I may need to set up a new domain until something else is figured out.
- Going to the above point, this week I'm planning on doing some more development for the new BSE site to take into account some of the recent changes (such as removing SAP). Stay tuned for updates regarding this in the Batch Search Engine thread.
- I can't guarantee this week will have the training document for using the new BSE site ready, although I'm aiming to have the development for the site finished by the end of this week. It also depends how my courses go.
- psychoangel691 has determined the following judges to be active for primary judges in the public judgment system: gameboy42690, ilikexd, Gradiant, DarkZtar, bmah, choof, DossarLX ODI, TC_Halogen, psychoangel691.
- The January 2015 Sets have received several reviews from community members. The general guideline is to have at least 5 different users post reviews on the files, and we're getting closer to that stage for two of the sets.
- The staff members have been rather busy in general so I'd recommend looking in the Official Tournament Special Batch and High FGO Special Batch threads for updates regarding the special batches for now. In addition I recommend leaving some comments on the January 2015 Sets if you haven't; primary judges should be assigned to a few of them soon. There are currently 15 sets for the Official Tournament Special Batch, and Sets 1-10 have been completed since last week.

To Do

Judge Hard Song Batch
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 5 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 6 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen

November/December 2014 Batch
Judgment - Pt 2 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI
Judgment - Pt 3 (Lead) - psychoangel691
Judgment - Pt 3 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen
Judgment - Pt 8 (Lead) - DarkZtar
Judgment - Pt 8 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI

Official Tournament Batch
Judgment - Set 11 (Lead) - psychoangel691
Judgment - Set 11 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen
Judgment - Set 12 (Lead) - psychoangel691
Judgment - Set 12 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen

Pending Conditional Queue Fixes
Pending Conditional Queue Fixes (High FGO Special Batch) - TC_Halogen

BSE Site Development
Set up new domain for BSE site after changes - DossarLX ODI

In Progress

November/December 2014 Batch
Judgment - Pt 6 (Reviewer) - Gradiant

Official Tournament Batch
Reserve Files For OT - psychoangel691

BSE Site Development
Make necessary changes to BSE site - DossarLX ODI


Judge Hard Song Batch
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 4 (Lead) - gameboy42690
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 4 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 5 (Lead) - One Winged Angel
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 6 (Lead) - One Winged Angel

November/December 2014 Batch
Judgment - Pt 1 (Reviewer) - gameboy42690
Judgment - Pt 6 (Lead) - gameboy42690
Judgment - Pt 7 (Lead) - bmah
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