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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by mellonxcollie View Post


Tokzic - I didnít like his opening post and the way he just voted for Storn off of a gut read. This seems like he just wanted to get a vote out there to avoid suspicion from not voting, without any actual reasoning behind it. This would not be super suspicious on Day 1 normally but it was weird because he popped in and did that but didnít come back until EOD. And heís been largely absent ever since. However this doesnít seem too out of character for Tokzic

Gold stinger

I know I forgot a few people. my reads and thread-read is not 100% complete but I have to get going now just wanted to post this. There are definitely wolves in my ??????/inactive category.
Deleted reads on wabby and down just to focus the content. She says she believes there are DEFINITELY wolves in her inactive category.


Originally Posted by mellonxcollie View Post
The second I gave to Tokzic but he died before he used it. I gave it to him because I wanted to try to engage him in the game more and get a better read on him. He didnít even post the phase after I gave it to him so whomp whomp I guess that worked out anyway since he was a wolf
"You've done some weird stuff, but it's kinda you, but at the same time you're probably a wolf. I think I'll send you a gun though, no problem."
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