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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post
I'm cop+, as in I can investigate someone every night, as well as make a choice between tracking and watching. Mellon seered red last night and visited gold stinger, so shes scum 100%
What the fuck? I donít know why I would get a red check on me. Iím just going to claim right nowÖ

Iím Brom the two-shot gunsmith. I had two gun items that I could give to other people. The first gun was given by Zenith, and I have no idea who ended up with it. Iím assuming it died with somebody but I canít be sure of that. The second I gave to Tokzic but he died before he used it. I gave it to him because I wanted to try to engage him in the game more and get a better read on him. He didnít even post the phase after I gave it to him so whomp whomp I guess that worked out anyway since he was a wolf

Iím not sure what to think about Shadowís check. There could be all sorts of roles in the game, maybe something made me appear red to him and he really is the seer?

Roundbox flipped and apparently itís lynch or lose so itís a good time for wolves to make a move on a mislynch. Shadow are you fake claiming to try to get the win?

First of all, are you are tracker/watcher/seer all at the same time? Thatís a pretty crazy roleÖ.

Second of all, you are saying you have a red check on me which could be from any number of things that Iím unaware of in a mystery game. People have passive roles, I could be a miller and not even know. Or a wolf could have a power that changes my role or changes your check. XelNyaís role included seering red, so idk. It's lynch or lose so why didn't you consider any of these other options?

So I donít really know whatís up? Or whether to believe you or not. You could be a crazy role that really checked me and are telling the truth, but in that case why is my check not matching my role? Iím leaning toward not really believing you.
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people like you are how trump gets elected
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