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Default Re: TWG CXXXV: Dichotomy - POST GAME


Manti: You were in this game?

Blind: You are the recipient of the "I Told You So" award for this game. Hold it up high and shove it in everyone's faces. Your defense is exactly what I would have done in your shoes, and the multiquoting should have been a huge giveaway for everyone that you were human. Well done. You played well, but the inactive town let you get dunked.

Zenith: You did it. There were a few things that you did apart from your usual town game, which should have been a dead giveaway for some people (hot reads list nowhere to be found). But your tracker claim worked. The "random" pick of TPS is pretty statistically screwed, so I'm pretty surprised you got Charu and DaBackpack to eat it up. gj duder!!

Red Blaster: thanks for ruining my game. Also you claimed a little too early in a mystery game. There were so many factors that can screw with the game so it shouldn't have been your top priority.

DaBackpack: ya got played, son. It was interesting seeing a human game out of you (finally), but I guess you really needed more people to bounce ideas off of for you to reach your conclusion. You dropped the wolf team in one of your posts, and I was excited for a moment since town was at such a disadvantage, but you got sweet talked by Zenith. You were so close.

Charu: ya got played. It would have been nice if you actually decided to play the game as well. (you did rectify this for Day 3, although it wasn't the greatest moment for town)

j-rodd: no mercy n1 kill. sux2bu

reuben_tate: you were pretty active throughout most of the game, but it seemed to falter towards the end. I think your initial work was pretty strong, but the inactivity of the rest of the town surely didn't help you out.

storn: I felt your wolf game was pretty easy to read into, and I'm trying to think of some tips to make it better. I might update this post, but I will say one really strong play of yours was saving yourself from the lynch since you had the item you were going to pass to curry, and lynching you waas a bad idea. Nicely done.

choof: I really liked how you were playing the role, too bad some cocksucker ruined your entire plan. Sorry mate.

Raeko: I think posting that you were worried about using your item was a little premature, but other than that you won for being UTR (without getting any iota of suspicion), so ya did it.

Tokzic: Runner up MVP. You handled that red seering like a fucking champ and your claim was really good to follow up. If you said you protected Curry N3, you could have just faulted the randomness. I was wondering why people didn't question why you protected V, though (maybe I missed this). Well played.

Curry and Rice: Aside from V, you only sent injections to wolves. Looks like they got you good. I think when you claimed you gave a little toooo much information that led to wolves icing you over anyone else (they were considering charu, I wonder if a little less info on the black stuff would have made you less of a concern).

V: At least you tried to be active. Looks like the red blaster thing really threw you off.

Tps: I really liked your playstyle going into this. It's a shame the wolves lynch rushed you. You played very concerned and cautious, and your analysis was good. I feel like if you got your watcher power off, it would have been killer.

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