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Default Re: "Play/Test/Judge my simfile" thread V2

I agree with what baq12 said, except that I mostly liked your use of freezes regarding guitar.

Originally Posted by baq12 View Post
-Once the tempo doubles in speed, layering is a bit questionable. Sometimes you'll layer in kick bass, but sometimes its left out, and some hi hat stuff is left out too.
That stood out quite a bit, to me.

My thoughts:
-8th note jump/freeze in M.14 should be freeze only
-2nd jump/freeze in M.17, repeated in M.21, should be jump only
-Freeze in M.50, freezes in M.64, what are those for?

Originally Posted by KeRoPoP View Post
Play mine too >_<
I thought yours was awesome, it made me smile a few times throughout. Nothing constructive from me, maybe a pat on the back or something.
edit: I thought the mines were well done and enjoyable.
edit2: 9/10 replayable.

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