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Default Re: A Week ago I was Level 64 (Another week later and i'm Level 78)

I love that most of the songs I improved on were also ones you got too.

For a few things if you're good at jacks, DRAGONLADY's definitely for you. They're still pretty stereotypical jack-y in nature, but it throws a couple new things: Namely those jumpjack "trills".

12 Bar Bloops is one of those hard songs that I somehow beasted on, should definitely try that one in the future.

Blue Rose is one you can try if you want, that's one of my "hey let's try this cuz someone dared me to" scores and happens to be my top score rn.

3020 is a fun one if you're also looking for jacks and slight jumpstream bursts.

Breaka Railway is good if you like REALLY REALLY fast streams. Like, SUPER fast.

Magnum is another good one if you like dubstep, jacks, and more technical patterns.

No Purpose Flour is another example of that; if you like technical charts this one's definitely for you. Watch out for the huge roll in the middle of the song, though, around note 900.
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