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Default Re: A Week ago I was Level 64

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
Damn nice improvement man.

If you don't mind me asking, what's your best on Holy Orders?
When I was climbing through that difficulty range it's a file I played a lot because it has only one "hard part" (the trills) that can be kinda bullshitted and the rest of it is super fun.
Maybe give it a shot? (But maybe also don't play it as much as I did so you don't wind up hopelessly mindblocked on it \_(ツ)_/ lol)
I tried holy orders once, maybe i wasn't warmed up enough but i remember thinking it wasn't going to be a song that get a good enough acc on to get it in my top 15. it was probably the trills though. long trills are just asking for me to drop goods and OHTs are just horrible, and part of the reason i've never been good at streams. I might give it another shot when i'm warmed up and maybe i'll get a good score on it, but we'll see.

Originally Posted by _Zenith_ View Post
Storn, you deserve the appreciation for working hard to get to this point, and I encourage you take this opportunity to grasp onto it and run with it as far as you can. It would be incredible to see you close or surpass 80 by the end of the OT.

Divine Suicide, Pussy Pump, and Fried Eggs are the scariest scores out of the dump imo. 6 clean on Divine is nuts given duration at that skill range is something you aren't necessarily meant to build (stamina + consistency) but might possess, and it clearly shows that you did.
Originally Posted by Dinglesberry View Post
I think this monologue is pretty cute and that's a good skillboost, damn lol.. by the end of the official tourney ur gonna be d6 i bet.

This boost reminds me of the last official tourney when I started in D3, got to D4 during the first round, and was like mid D5 by the end
I dont realistically see myself getting D6 this tournament. (i gotta get my D5 OT participation badge first ) I'd need another massive skill boost to get me there and i dont see that happening unless by some magic someone gives me a mechanical keyboard, and that somehow triggers another major skill boost. I think getting to level 76-78 is practically guaranteed at this point, But if i'm to get 80+ scores on songs, i'm going to need to get a lot better at 90s and i dont know that i can gain the speed and control necessary in 2 only months.

EDIT: Got a really good improvement on intersect thunderbolt. i honestly have no idea how those two misses happened but its still a massive improvement.


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