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Default A Week ago I was Level 64 (Another week later and i'm Level 78)

I am now Level 72 (99%) Not a single score in my top 15 remains. in the past 4 days every single score has been toppled. This has been a great Week 1 of the OT. I feel like i could improve on a lot of these score, but some of the are absolutely fucking nuts. Lets go on a trip of my top 15. Each score will be better than the last.

A week later and i'm Level 78 (6%)

This crazy week all started off with score currently worth 0. After getting a 7-0-0-0 on bang and feeling good about it i decided to try out the D5 song, and got this on my sight read. my streaming has never been amazing and jumpstreams have always felt like a good way to drop a lot of goods.

To start off the top 15 with number 15. A 6 minute lvl 90 song. This is one of those scores that i could DEFINITELY get a better score on if i just concentrated a bit more and was a bit more consistent. The rainbow streams can easily drop a good or two add in some of those hard sections and my ability to randomly get goods on the easiest shit and you get a 59g score. I could potentially easily FC this song (or atleast drop 3+ misses). Despite only dropping 1 miss on the 32nd OHTs i've somehow find myself able to AAA them on different runs. I think a PB in the next week is easily possible but this is still a nice score.

This next song has always been a favorite. The chart is fun and might have even been in my old top 15. The opening stream is just so good and the jacks throughout the song just feel so good and consistent. The big issue in this song is going to be the streams. If i can get more consistent on them i can easily see myself getting a sub 20g and maybe even close to SDG score on this. But with how long this song is who knows if i can do that in the near future. Its nice to have a favorite chart be the one that officially put me into D5

Honestly this is the first time i've ever played this song and i dont remember much about it. Its a sight read and honestly i wish i didn't have that extra miss at the end. I could improve on this score but i dont think the grind will be worth it.

I remember when this file came out for the OT originally. I could NOT play it at all. My jacking ability was nowhere near good enough. i could barely play the minijacks never mind the rest of the song. Now that i'm better the jacks are fun and easy. But this is nearing the edge of my jacking skill. The mini jacks are easy enough, but those jump jacks can be pretty brutal. If i can manage to get just a LITTLE better at those long jacks i could easily SDG this.

This is another one of those scores on a song i just kind of played. i dont remember much but this was one of the first scores in my rise to escape from D4.

Another S.S.H. chart another beloved chart i got a PB on. This song just makes good charts and the FFR one is no different. The jacks are easy and consistent. The big opponent i have to fight is the 24th streams and polyrhythms. The polyrhythms usually sort themselves out but a good or two can easily be dropped on them. Most of the 24th streams are easy enough for me, but there are just so many of them that many goods will be dropped making this a pretty good run. If i can get better at those 24th streams this is another potential sub 20g score but i dont know that a SDG would be realistic.

God this is such a good bad score. i KNOW i can do better. The streams aren't horrible and my acc at the beginning has gotten so good. However the ending jumpstreams aren't exactly patterned easily and can lead to many goods. What truly frustrates me is just how many goods i dropped at the end. if i had even a remotely clean ending this would've been a great score. I know i can improve this score. its all just a matter of when.

Now we're getting into the really juicy stuff. Two years ago i had an amazing run on this file. I got a 15-0-2-4 This was AMAZING The streams in this file are just SO fast and my accuracy on streams was abysmal. two years later and i PB on it again. Its possible i could SDG this file, Its already so close and the miss at the end is just heartbreaking. That said i dont know that i'll be in the right acc and consistency to achieve it without a hard grind, and right now i'll probably focus on grinding OT songs that aren't bang. Getting a PB on this file was special as it was the last standing score in my top 15 that wasn't achieved this week.

Another score another "i wish i was better at streaming". The streams on this song are just SO FAST Its hard to keep up with them with my fingers and mind. Its one of those files where i just dont know how i hit things. To say i could read the streams in this map would honestly be lying. I just hit keys and perfects pop out. The big problem becomes when i do try reading. My brain just says "NOPE" and i start missing. I have the theoretical skill to AAA the entire song, but in order to get a good score i need to be fully warmed up. And then i just have to let my fingers do their thing and hope i get a good score. This isn't the type of file i can grind and get a good score. i just have to play it while i'm doing good and hope i dont fuck up. a PB could be coming, but who knows when. And now i want five guys....

I think this is one of the first truly amazing scores on this list. The fact that i have an SDG on a song this long just blows my mind. If you told me a year ago i'd have an SDG on this file i'd just straight up call you a liar. to call this an easy song with a consistent rhythm would be a complete lie. The song goes through so many different tempos and random 12ths throw into 8th streams anyone without a good grasp on the song will have trouble. This run was a truly godly run that i dont think i can replicate. My inconsistency and ability to drop random goods for no reason decided to take a vacation and i got this amazing score... well... except for that ONE GOOD on the slow ending rolls. unless i become a AAA god i dont see myself ever improving this score.

I like to cal this score "Jump gluts are easy Feat. some jump streams" There really isn't much to this score. it feels like it looks better than it actually is. This was a good run on an easy file that happens to fall nearly perfectly in line with my skillset. I could potentially achieve a good PB if i grinded the song. But i did have a pretty good run and got this great score. i just wish i didn't have that stupid miss.

This song is one of the newest scores in my old top 10. The song has always been almost too hard and it shows in the scores. the long jacks can easily rack up a good count and almost instantly ruin a good run. the worst thing to watch for is the two hand long jumpjacks in the song. getting my hands to sync up just seems impossible sometimes. Getting a PB on this map always feels good and horrible at the same time. i KNOW i can do better, but at the same time i've done so good. This was also the first score i got a 70+ AAA eq on.

This was one of the first files i started playing after the start of the OT. Another song i remember from a previous OT and a song i'd played a little bit earlier and knew i was good at it. Then this week i just started getting good scores on it. Lots of easy jacks and some fun bursts. the trickiest thing is not flubbing the burst jumpstreams and nailing the offbeat 8th jacks. But a lot of things went right and i've been getting really good acc on this song.

This song is mostly just fast bursty streams similar to many i'd already played and gotten good scores on. This would be more impressive to me if i hadn't already nailed things like the slashmaid intro. Its still a good score on a difficulty song. A grind could lead to easy improvements if i'm in the right mindest and would be easy levels

This is the score that put me on the map. People looked at this and KNEW i was here and ready to rock D4. This song is hard. its got fast bursts, horrible [14][24] jump trills. and to top it all off the map ends with two long 240 bpm jump streams full of enough goods for a balanced breakfast.

The fact that i got this score just amazes me. I dont understand how i did it and thought it was my best score ever made in FFR. This score was truely legendary. those 240 bpm jumpstreams were just so fast i didn't even know how i was hitting them. and i managed to get few goods on the early streams too. Soon did i realize i was starting to get really few goods on the jumpstreams. Did i ever mention hoe much i like jump gluts?

Did i forget to mention that the score above was my sight read of the map? And i did mention that i improved. And im sure someone read that and realized the AAA eq is too low.

I honestly have no fucking clue how i did this. my brain just went on autopilot and i somehow managed such great acc. i honestly think its best to watch the run for yourselves. This was the score that made D4 know they were in trouble.

The scary thing is i think i could've been cleaner on this score. My nerves were getting to me having practically AAAed way past where i thought i'd have dropped atleast 5 goods. I'd gotten to the streams and felt like i was blowing it with how many goods i was dropping. In a perfect mindset i feel like i could've had atleast 5 less goods in that last section and that is the truly scary thing.

Send me your best warriors D4. Send them to DIE! If you want to get rid of me its going to have to be a team effort.

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