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Default FFR TCG Missions & Quests Thread

FFR TCG Missions & Quests Thread

Each week, you may choose three songs from the Missions spreadsheet. Your mission is to get 20 raw goods or less on the highest rate possible. Rate increases must be done in increments of x.05 (1.05, 1.1, 1.2, etc.). New charts will be added to the sheet as time goes on. Cumulative rewards will be given as your total score passes certain thresholds. You may only submit 3 songs per week (as running with the weekly challenge). No matter what rate you can achieve 20 Raw Goods or less, your prize is one standard pack per passing score (up to three per week). You may submit improvements at any time, even for past week's songs.

Your score will be: Difficulty * (Rate*2 -1) This adds a little extra weigh to the rate over the chart difficulty.

The Quest System allows for up to 1 new set of quests to be completed per week for extra packs! See the first tab for the rules. You can earn up to 6 extra standard packs per week through the quest system. You must complete 2 of the 3 challenges in a set to move further down the quest chart.

Additional Rules

- Each Quest has a stated task and a secret bonus task. Secret tasks will be more stringent requirements that reward the player with a second pack when completed. You may discuss these in the thread, but I will not reveal what the hidden requirement is.

- The secret bonus task has a hint to its objective in bolded in the text. If "Pass" or "FC" is in bold, the secret task will likely involve specific arrow judgement thresholds (requiring more skill than the original task)

- The reward for each Quest and bonus will be a Tier 1 standard pack. This makes it possible to earn an extra 6 standard packs of cards per week.

- Pack Upgrades may be used on quest reward Packs.

- Some Quests will require a replay submission rather than a screenshot. Any Quest involving scroll direction, for example, will need a replay. The Quest will specify if a replay in required.

- Any Mod based quests have to use the default noteskin unless otherwise specified. Some mods do not display on other noteskins.


Here are the three challenges for the "Initiation" Challenges -

1. Reach a Max Combo of 300 on “That Tethnic Vibe”, then end with 50 or more misses

2. BBB “Power” (All Goods)

3. Pass “Mario Eurobeat” with Note Scaling of 50% (Replay Submission Required)

Good luck, and I hope you find the secret bonus packs as well. Happy Key Smashing!
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