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Default Re: SM Scores ~2019 Remix~

Originally Posted by kaiten123 View Post
thanks man.

still using baby rates for babies. I came out of the stream with AA, then lost it in the bursts and was ready to quit, but managed to get it back with the easy notes at the end.

thats still pretty sick lol, i suck at end time patterns, i almost always die when it drops again during the streams and gets denser lol.. also my comment for u to chart end time is more relevant suddenly xd

some stinky stuff tho:

my best pass by far ever:

apparently i can kinda OHT 300+


ye posting scores on my own files, dont @ me

this is like my jackspeed goal and its so close i can taste it

i got nunchuk'd (lol 19/20 mines) but im shocked at the cb count difference between this and my old run

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