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Default Re: FFR Scores ~2019 Remix~

Been hunting this one ever since it came out.

Some rates stuff.

Someone suggested I go for this one last night. Didn't think I'd get it so fast.

Holy rates, Batman!!!

Accuracy run.

Holy crap! Was at 200+ goods before. Brought that down to a sub-70!

And yet another beastly improvement!

Sick fucking replay.

New fc, baby! Let's fucking go!

Clean FC!

Clean SDG FC!

FC, motherfuckers! let's go!

I must be getting better, because this AAA was LITERALLY on the first attempt of the night.


Wasn't ready, but I somehow nailed it.

Another bullshit file out of the way!

I need to slow down because I'm getting too damn good at this game.
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@ULTIMEGA, dank meme genie.

HIGHEST AAA:Game Genie [91]
HIGHEST SDG: Magical 8 Bit Tour [100] (7-0-0-4)
HIGHEST SCORE: Magical 8 Bit Tour [100] (7-0-0-4)

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