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Originally Posted by MikeShinoda12345 View Post
Haven't been here since 2019, missed a lot of this thread until now

Things in Taiwan are actually really okay. We were sitting at ~50 cases nationwide for a long time but when the virus hit Europe and North America we had a lot of Taiwanese flying back home and bringing the virus with them - now we're at 300+ and having about 15 new cases a day. We all have masks and a culture of using them (they were really helpful when Taiwan was hit by SARS years ago), and while some of us are now working at home, a lot of us haven't changed much except for more handwashing and mask-wearing. Schools are still in session. I still go out every single day. The gym is open, restaurants are all open, there are limits on purchasing alcohol and facemasks to prevent hoarding but things are still really cheap and accessible (we can buy about eight facemasks for $1 USD).

But I did university in North America and have friends there, and I've been reading reddit and other places where Americans and Canadians are talking about what's going on for you guys. Most people in Taiwan think that we have it pretty bad already, and flat out reject the idea that Americans and Europeans are living in more fear than we are, but also almost no one in Taiwan personally knows anyone who's gotten covid 19 at all. I don't know. I'm kind of rambling, and I don't know what it's like for you guys either. But I have friends in North America that are sick or who have sick family and even the healthy people are stuck at home for weeks on end. It makes me sad :/ Be safe, and I hope you all stay okay.
good to see you again man

the us is reaching "shit hitting the fan" time. glad to hear taiwan's doing okay, or that anywhere's doing okay.
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is funny eaman?
Can you like not use those stupid names right now? Took me long enough to get these screen names straight in my head
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(eaman is her name irl, friend)

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Heh never underestimate the power of free time
wanting to get to know you all
true love
a sense of community
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my desire to know everyone's dirty lil secrets

our mutual desire to be funny bois and gurls.

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There comes a point where we have to ask our selves, "do we really want to deal with that, desperate as we are?"

I think we can all agree on the answer, yeah?
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