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Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post

To indulge much further in this is probably not healthy for the thread anyway
MisMasterLar, you're fine with your post and so as everyone here but just that one person. I am only borrowing your post.

Opposite opinions are fine, but there is a line here that is crossed that covers personal insult to me, that I will not accept. Calling people is different from saying that other people's opinion are wrong. By the way, it's against the rule to do so.
If you want to post in the future, either keep your insults private, or simply quit posting.

If you can't fund a healthy discussion, I will say it direct, butt off. Calling anyone else here and getting yourself all up like this to me or other people is not the way the thread should be.

Otherwise, any discussions can be resumed. But specifically you, the one who called people insult, you should be the one out of this thread. You know who you are. Just give us a favor and quit.


Back to topic, here was what happened to China and how it spreaded. People there do not put trust on the government, so when there's something happening, they simply won't listen to them. Everyone in China knew they are unreliable, sneaky, and following their orders or advice means they are disadvantaged. Consider that the China Chinese never follow rules in a daily base, it just made things worst. To people in where I live, they are in a sense, are really trouble makers. But we cannot blame them. They just don't have such concept, and they do not understand rules as good as most of us do.

People were scared because their city turned into a virus city, and they ran as fast as they could to other countries, especially those who can afford transport and air tickets etc. They just wanted to "get out of it". That was why they need to be controlled. But consider how so widespread it was already, those who ran brought the virus everywhere to the international countries.
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