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Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
I absolutely refuse that countries like America are anywhere near the restraints that China puts on their citizens daily, to the point that this one line argument to try and derail LvsL's point looks....just like that: a one line response to try and derail LvsL's point.
One line is all it takes and from the looks of it, he/she created a conversation amongst many. While we in America may not be controlled in the same way, we are psychologically influenced by our government constantly. Look at how they’ve brought us into a craze towards toilet paper and face masks. Look at how Americans look at Asians now even if they aren’t Chinese. People all around even if they’re Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese are being called out for bringing this ‘Chinese Virus’ over here. Look at Gen-Z and what was going on in Florida a week ago. Students from all around the country went for spring break ignoring everything that was being told. And their response? ‘Oh I didn’t know it would be that bad’... the same thing criminals tell cops when they get caught with drugs ‘Oh I didn’t know that was there.’ Kids and young adults feel invincible and are disregarding to keep clean, wear masks, stay at home (obviously not everyone but huge percentage is). You see comments all the time in social media where people say oh well we still get to drive around here because we don’t have stay at home orders in my state. And what happened in China, what’s happening here in America is happening all around! Other countries are already keeping Americans out because ‘we’ll bring the disease to them’. They already see us as we once saw China.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
This kind of got so rambly I legit don't understand your point anymore; Florida example and tangent kind of contradicts the whole "Government/Media controls us" narrative it looked like you where going for.

To indulge much further in this is probably not healthy for the thread anyway
I may have wrote too many examples too quickly in response to your post (I didn’t want to double post either) so I just attached it on my older one. If you read the original comment Liquid responded to it didn’t just talk of media or the government being ‘shady’. He mentioned how Chinese people weren’t listening / paying attention to information being given to them in regards to hygiene, face masks and so on. I just related that to how it’s the same here in America with people doing their own thing while all these orders and rules are in place. It doesn’t contradict anything I was just stating things that have and still are happening.

Pretty much it was just simply you refusing to believe America has the restraints / similarities China has and I was just listing examples of how it’s not any different here.

Edit: just separated the posts so they aren’t confusing

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