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Originally Posted by LvsL View Post

Lol well we can already see how much of a hypocrite you are by saying his response is illegitimate solely based on this being his first post on that account. Meanwhile your post was your 2nd, making your remarks very immature and limited to your narrow mindedness, so can anyone reading your comments truly believe such a person that tries to display their dominance in knowledge by making those you’re speaking to feel inferior through your ‘superior’ responses.

Unfortunately I do not live in China, but I have lived there on company grounds for enough time to understand your point of view on this subject. While you insist his ignorance leads him to a false education on the conditions of certain countries, I find it ignorant of you to feel all of western society is equal. When in reality the media is absolutely different dependent on where you are. As China isn’t the only country to restrict their media, not all western countries report with as much clarity as others do and there’s not a single country that reports with 100% accuracy either. And even though there may be more freedoms in internet usage in these western countries, information can be achieved anywhere if you have the means of getting it/gaining access to it. For example China doesn’t have YouTube but their video sharing website similar to YouTube has users that post content from YouTube as their own. Meaning they found a way and acquired those videos in their own ways.

I will agree that the severity of China is much worse than the information given for the public to be aware of (although we were in a city far away, they sent us home early January with mandatory quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival while we were already under heavy restrictions as it was), but to say other countries, even ones that are better off than others, are always truthfully reporting shows how naive and confident you are. If that makes you feel safe and sleep better every night then no one should take that away from you. Every government has their own agenda. But fortunately enough a lot of these countries are far better off than a lot of outside media makes it to be. Governments need ways to pressure people to follow rules in order for everyone to be on the same page or else these quarantines won’t work! While things certainly are bad (people really are dying and most of the world has been put to a halt), medical supplies and personnel are scarce, there are those (in every country) that don’t follow the rules and put others at risk because they only think of themselves (I have a friend in South Korea that was unfortunately telling/showing my friends and I about going out to bars or going to get togethers which isn’t helping), and so on. There are countries that are doing a great job at handling this but it’s not enough and we all need to stop being selfish and listen for the time being to help this pandemic from growing.

It’s always sad seeing someone make a comment such as “if you respond to me saying (this or that), I have nothing to say to you” shows so little of you. Then again going by your entire response I’m not surprised, but by you being subjected to your own personal thoughts and opinions and the stubbornness to not allow yourself to branch freely from those beliefs is pretty ridiculous. You need to realize there’s a lot more going on in the world regarding this virus than just the severity in China and how China is ruled. It’s already at the point where China isn’t the focal point anymore and it’s these ‘western countries’ that need to get themselves together to start handling this properly.

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