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Originally Posted by -LiquidGreen- View Post
You realize you just described every country thatís ever existed, right? Not just China...
All I can say about this comment is, you really shouldn't say that. You have taken country and government issues too carelessly. Let alone the intensity and the danger that the virus presents.

You really do not know a little bit of a picture, or is too ignorance as to what communism countries look like. Seeing you just jump in as your first post, lets go in a bit of detail, but without derailing too much. Or, maybe you are a bit lucky living in a free country.

A bit off topic, but the coverups that China and those free countries are a lot different from each other. So generalizing that other countries covering up their cases too, means you are quite rash in concluding that China is just as good or bad as yours. The fact is, there is *immense* difference between part freedom, and simply no freedom. You really need to go back and educate yourself.

For the least, hospitals and medias in places that got more freedom, will report cases and their reliance is much better than the China ones, where the Chinese government will simply murder anybody who ever tried to attempt to disclose the problem -- their media is zero reliance, and even their own people knows it. If their media did tell you something, it means it's too widespread that everyone might have already known something about it, that it is already impossible to hide.

That's it. You believing me or not, is your own business. I don't want to go too deep on this. All I can tell you is, people in China might not even know what we commonly knew solely because of their media and government.

So the bottom line is, the westerners will have their media reporting what is happening and something related to the virus. The Chinese media in China will not.

In where I live at least, medias are totally trustworthy in something like the case of the virus. We still trust that there are individual independent press that will strive to report *at least* public issues, minus politics, that matters to the people that live in where I do. And thus we still have a reliable source of info when it comes to the coronavirus. Although some press in my place are turning towards being controlled by China, there are at least still sources that are reliable. We still have the freedom to ignore those newspapers that are China controlled. It's not our only way to read news.

And kudos on free internet in my place still lol. And perhaps for you too. The poor Chinese in China cannot even get to facebook, let alone other sources of news.

Ps: If you still insist that other medias from other countries does cover up something as well, I have nothing to say to you.
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