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Default Re: Coronavirus

Originally Posted by Funnygurl555 View Post

edit: mn w/ the stay at home order starting friday let's gooooo

also shit halogen. i'd suggest preemptively self isolating if that's something you're able to do so you don't get your loved ones sick but also what would i know? or at least beginning to decrease contact, because it sounds like you're at high risk of eventually getting the disease

got my mom to agree to letting my grandma stay at her place today so that was good
last i heard my grandma doesn't like my bro so i'm hoping to hear nasty grandma comments but who knows, who knows what my grandma's heard about me now
Most of us can do our software development at home (with minor impedance due to VPN issues), and my location is literally disallowing everyone who aren't key/essential employees, but guess who falls in that...

Because of this essential requirement, they're trying to strike a medium of having in-office separation and teleworking -- partially because of infrastructural capacity and partially because of occupation-specific stuff.

We've been relegated to half time in, half time out - for now. I imagine things will change immediately if said person comes back positive.

It may also lead to the most anxiety-inducing, unsettling, terrifying next few weeks of our lives.
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