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Default TWG 192 Sunfan's Cool Game Postgame Thread

A game more in the older-style of FFRTWG. Expect simpler roles and mechanics. Wolves will be given a small list of roles that they can claim. There are no third parties and there is one wolf team. The most common role will be Vanilla Town.

Phases will revolve around 11:00 PM EST (10:00 PM Server Time). Expect 48 hour days and 24 hour nights. In the case of early instas, the game will still revolve around the normal phase endtimes.

OOTC: Off, excepting if I tell you otherwise in your PM
Cardflipping: On, Color flips only (all flips are true)
Insta: On
No-lynch/No-kill: On, cannot no-lynch or no-kill two day/night phases in a row.
KitB: On
Nighttalk: Off
5 postcount minimum per day phase. I will replace you if you do not meet this, then I will modkill if I cannot find a replacement.

1) roundbox Won at Endgame
2) mellon_collie Lost at Endgame
3) storn42 Lost at Endgame
4) MixMasterLar Killed n3
5) Bolth mannn Killed n1
6) Xiz Lynched d0
7) DaBackPack Lynched d3
8) Hakulyte Funnygurl555 XelNya Lynched d2
9) FreezinIce Lynched d1
10) Gradiant Lost at Endgame
11) SubaruPoptart psychoangel691 Won at Endgame
12) j-rodd123 Shadow_God_10 Duk3star Killed n4
13) fatfuck42 Won at Endgame
1) Shadow_God_10
2) psychoangel691
3) Funnygurl555
4) Duk3star
5) XelNya
TWG Stats:

Plop is town in this game, TWG 195. Do not question this.

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