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Originally Posted by melonpapes View Post
i'm pretty sure the bill is probably based on some sort of set timezone, which is probably the time zone of where you signed the contract, or just based on UTC. Your phone does not "talk back" to the carrier to update your billing cycle based on timezone. Your billing cycle would most likely not get adjusted unless you asked the carrier, or signed a new contract, thus updating the billing cycle to the new contract start date. At best, if this worked, you'd be delaying your bill by what, 12-13 hours? I don't see the purpose
oh, thank you very much and i was just curious lol

Originally Posted by Matthia View Post
Kinda like if you were born in a plane that just began to travel from NYC, and then arrive 2 hours later into LA, you would be -1 hour old because timezone tactics

Originally Posted by rushyrulz View Post
your phone typically won't switch time zones in airplane mode
actually it did while i was on an airplane a few days ago even though it didn’t go far enough forward at the time
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Oh, I thought it was just my internet this whole time.
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Also that triple post is almost as delicious as a hot, fresh, Domino's pizza.
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can y'all take a break and kiss
(the first section of this chapter)

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