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Default Re: Do video games and gamers deserve more respect?

Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
"cheating" at the upper level just doesn't exist, and iirc the players must take notation of their opponents moves anyways so memory isn't even a factor (cheating using phones or earpieces to be fed optimal moves would be much more common, but that's another kind of cheating and not relevant)

I think it might surprise you to learn that older chess players do better under quicker time controls (the rapid chess champion was once over 70) and there is significant drop-off in age<->rating under slower time controls.
I was going to put that in my post, that I assume cheating is non-existent at higher levels of play because they are recorded and studied, so there would be no way of pulling it off, but in professional "Street" chess like in the video shown, theres really nothing stopping me from trying to pull some bullshit to win a wager against you? i still don't think you have addressed anything to do with my ideas of the "physicality" of chess. I did not say that age and mental acuity or even physical strength are mutually exclusive. If I did, or implied it somehow, that was my mistake.

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