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Default Re: Do video games and gamers deserve more respect?

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Watched til 4:15 and decided that there wasn't much of an interesting discussion to really be had here.

I will add though that video games and gamersare getting way more respect and continue to do so over the last decade; I feel like the viewpoint that they are inheritedly harmful or less then any other passive art (like looking at a painting in Italy or whatever) is the minority and on the way out. Once the old timers who are convinced it's just an addiction exit the conversation then there isn't gonna be a conversation
yeah you need to watch the whole thing, because other more nuanced discussions do take place that are more than just "do games make people addicted and violent". the people discussing do admit its subversive to older people because its unexpected and weird to make a career "playing a game". But when they start comparing it to games like Snooker and Chess, or even Golf, I can see where it gets muddy. The previous examples I listed are technically "sports", and usually being an athlete garners more respect, but I'd argue these sports have a much higher "mental" skill cap than a "physical execution" skill cap, though they all do require you to be able to "Execute" your mental plan in order to do "well". For example, you can have all the knowledge of geometry and physics in the world, but if you can't shoot pool or swing a golf club well, you won't be able to excel to the top ranks. Some of these games require a similar, albeit small, level of physical dexterity or skill to "Execute" and perform well, but most people don't give the same amount of respect or attention to a fortnite pro as they would a top ranking PGA golfer. Definitely not in a monetary sense, and almost assuredly the golfer would get more respect in social situations.

Another example that stuck out to me is Picasso's rendition of a World War 2 bombing as a painting is often lauded as a masterpiece, however, we can see many examples of "modern" artistry in renditions of warfare for video games. even in their pre-rendered cutscenes, there is a real amount of artistry that comes to bringing accurate and emotional portrayals of these events to screens to captivate the player, but I don't think anyone would compare the work that goes into a cutscene or even an entire level of a game to art on that scale, even though some games excel in delivering those experiences (eg. CoD is not really a good game, imo, per se, but damn if it doesn't do a good job of telling a great story sometimes. World at War is still one of my favourite games for how it portrays the soviet campaign to berlin)

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