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Fascism Test
You are 41% Fascist, which makes you a Fascist Fellow-Traveler.
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In your case, it would appear that your political outlook shares more than a few of the core doctrines of fascism. Since fascism is really a mix of communism, socialism, conservatism, and liberalism, with a few innovations of its own thrown in, it is scarcely surprising that most people's political outlook will have quite a few similarities with the doctrines of fascism. Even after adjusting for these parameters, however, it would seem that the commonalities between your political outlook and fascism are not merely incidental, but arise from certain overall themes, concerns, and solutions which your personal outlook has in common with fascism. While you are most likely *not* a fascist, the overlap between your preferred society and that of fascism is simply too significant to be pure chance. In all likelihood, you are what one might call a 'Fascist Fellow Traveler': Someone who sees value in some of the immediate societal changes that fascism would bring about, but *not* someone who is an actual fascist. Your ultimate political goal lies elsewhere.

For another approach to testing for fascist beliefs, see the classical F Scale Test.
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