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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread


i'm here

dunno what to do.

i might iso someone like gold/pazzaz/xel.

wine dying is interesting. i'm assuming that means that our item giver didn't give an angel on the night he died, cause otherwise whoever got it would have used it on wine.

also them going for wine instead of possibly hunting a seer/invest role tells me that they either know that one doesn't exist or they know they can't win if one does, and so their just hoping one doesn't exist.

ldo if there is a cop out there, they prob have the game locked, and they should just claim.

tracker perhaps not? not sure on that.

other than those two, think carefully before possibly outing.

i think shado has come under less suspicion than he should for 'knowing who the cop is' when its very possible a cop doesn't even exist.

yesterday, i thought shado was softing a green check on me with his COMPLETE reversal of his read on me at the start of the day, so i backed off and put him in my town reads, but if he's not the cop, we need to take a hard look at him, and see if his whole 'should i shoot dummy' thing was him trying to get out of bussing his wolf partners.
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