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Default Re: Hey y'all, it's your favorite stepmania grandpa

I only just met you IRL at this last AN, and although it was brief, it's always really cool to see someone I've grown to know online in person! Your girlfriend seemed super nice and supportive too, albeit us not getting to interact all that much. FWIW, alcoholism runs a bit in my family too and I can't help but empathise with that part of your post and the part where you begin to appreciate your culpability in the disintegration of your social circles or your place within them -- I'm still working on that, I suppose it's a process. Regardless, it was cool to see you there and see you post here, I can't help but admire when someone gets that personal with the bad aspects of themselves. You're a strong dude and I fully believe you will only become stronger as the years go by. Someday soon you'll see those posts, "please stop sending my stepmania grandpa charts and stepfiles, he's gotten too powerful"
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