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Originally Posted by rayword45 View Post
...the whole rape scandal. I'm gonna try to separate art from artist but if you have been living under a rock when it comes to noise or post-rock, read up now. And stop supporting this guy financially...Good ending to a good band with a shitbag frontman
I don't want to derail your thread too much but I'd advise you, and anyone really, to avoid jumping to conclusions and instantly demonizing a person. Just as there are rapists who lie about raping, there are people who lie about being raped.

To report it on Facebook was, to me, the wrong thing to do. Facebook is about getting attention and inciting a mob mentality. The right thing to do would be to file a report with the police and have them investigate. Unless she does this, there's no concrete evidence and neither party can be seen as telling the truth.

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