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Default Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year

Yeah I know about Polkadot Cadaver (I might actually prefer a greater quantity of their albums to DFD's)
Ah. It was your quote about Sweet Nothings being the poppiest they've ever gotten that made think about Polkadot Cadaver. That's exactly what I thought about Sex Offender, though still a great album.

Also when you say first three albums are you talking about the ACTUAL first three or Anarchists-Adultery?
I didn't know they had albums prior to Anarchists Of Good Taste. Why didn't I know that? Least I have more of their music to check out now.

I actually did prefer this album to pretty much everything DFD and PC related besides Adultery which is really something of a black sheep favorite in my digital collection.
Not going to knock your opinion, Adultery is a good choice. I think my own favourites are Committed to a Bright Future and PC's Purgatory Dance Party.
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