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Default Zenith's Ultimate Struggle Tournament!

Welcome to the Ultimate Struggle Tournament! I am your host, Zenith, and I hope you enjoy what I have laid out for all of you.


This will be a non-elimination tournament. There are no eliminations so keep pushing yourself to finish the tournament! If a player does not submit a score for one entire round, they will be instantly removed unless excused. Rounds will last three (3) days, with a total of Six (6) Rounds. This tournament uses Raw Scoring.

Rules and Regulations

Cheating and Sandbagging is a unanimous rule sitewide in any tournament. If you are caught doing this, you will be removed and flagged.

Have a good, sportsmanlike attitude to your competitors. If you do not present this, you will be contacted and possibly removed.

Lastly, Enjoy yourself and shoot to improve!


Will be done with a scour through of top 50 scores as well as your skill level/rating. If a division shows at least a 700% (7 levels) difference in score from highest to lowest player, the division will be split. Contact me if you have any issues or concerns with placements.

Starting Date

This tournament is planned to start Tuesday, February 9th, 2016. Rounds will end at 10:00PM Server Time (11 PM EST, 8PM PST).

Additional Information

Submissions are to only be in the thread. I will not count scores that are PM'd to me unless there is a specific issue preventing you to post. You should all know how to take a screenshot, but if you don't, I do not mind using replays for scores (send me the replay, not the replay screenshot).

D7 players will only be playing using Stepmania (I will be providing song choices and pack links if necessary). D6 has the option to opt into this, however, if there isn't enough players to do so (in D6) then it will only be FFR.

Donations and Credit Pool

I will be kicking this tournament off with 210,000 credits. Donations are very greatly appreciated and you will be recognized for you contribution.

Current Credit Pool: 876,504

_Zenith_ - 210,000
Deadlyx39 - 1 <3
Ghost Medley - 99,999 <3 <3 <3 <3
PhantomPuppy - 50,000 <3 <3 <3
DissonantMuse - 50,000 <3 <3 <3
HardstyleLover - 50,000 <3 <3 <3
Walrusizer - 72 <3
helphelp11 - 350,000 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Kawaii025 - 200,000 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
gameboy42690 - 54,321 <3 <3 <3
TheWaffleWoofer - 11,111 <3 <3
Edibru - 1,000 <3


1) SoFast
2) rzr
3) AragakiAyase
4) @Red Blaster
5) @Deadlyx39
6) dabomb2223
7) Ghost_Medley
8) Dark Saga
9) botchi246
10) PhantomPuppy
11) ItsOnlyDanO*
12) Walrusizer*
13) Kawaii025
14) FFR Pro 21
15) DissonantMuse
16) HardstyleLover
17) Soundwave-
18) darkedge22
19) Tarrik
20) sweet2kill210
21) helphelp11
22) Deidara837
23) One Winged Angel
24) RenegadeLucien
25) @YoshL
26) x_egeltje_x
27) supermoe1985
28) @kacper_w
29) MarcusHawkins
30) sickufully
31) TheWaffleWoofer
32) axith
33) portalbob340
34) nintendoaddict1
35) Luvox
36) ssbmchamp
37) @Candor*
38) LotarrMotarr*
39) Ezrealasitgets
40) chichinya
41) Edibru
42) Popertop
43) Krolxp*
44) minble
45) SilentSand
46) storn42
47) XiuminYisus
48) A Cheap Lemon
49) Masquerade of Shadow
51) .Gazelle.

Spreadsheet link will be placed here:

Round information


Stepmania: Resurrection Spell 1.1x Rate (Hi19Hi19's Popcorn JS pack)
D7: Music (For Kirby)
D6: -+
D5: Lawn Wake I
D4: Falcon Punch
D3: Endless Dream
D2: {Paranorma}
D1: Alone Again at 4AM

Round ends Saturday, February 13th @ 10:00PM Server Time!


Stepmania: NaiNai 69 1.3x ( HSMP8
D7: Slashmaid (instrumental)
D6: Dishevel
D5: Blue
D3: I am Maid
D2: Guitar vs Piano
D1: story of dreamers

Round ends Friday, February 19th @ 9:00PM Server Time!


Stepmania: Jteh's OP 1.0 ( Download is in OP of that thread
D7: A Quick Death
D6: Phi-dentity Crisis
D5: Lexus Cyanixs
D4: Illumination of the Sky
D2: Tribal Revival
D1: Gruntilda's Lair

Round Three ends Monday, February 22nd @ 10:00PM Server Time!

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