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Default Re: badman7772's Bloody RNG Tournament

As much as I really really really want to play this, there is no point. I know my thing says level 2, but the best song I can AAA is a 7 or 8. The people in the division so far
red blas - 34
helphelp - 37
minble - 37
devilstefan666 - 30 & elements

I mean there is no point in trying against people that are literally 2 or 3 times better than me. I understand I can't be the only person in d1, and thus far nobody else is, but I'm not gonna bother going up against people that I can't compete with it's not fair. If you get another d1 player for me to compete with it would be nice, if I'm deemed somehow as d2 quality then I'll just drop, sorry. I really wanted to be in this one :/

Originally Posted by darkshark View Post
Everyone sucks at this game. The second you think you're good is the second you stop trying to get better.
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i had a mri the other day it was the best song i heard in years

Originally Posted by Sprite-
More of a joke than the time I deleted all the credits on the site.
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yeah my goldfish think im a riot they do this thing where they turn upside down and float to the top of the tank

i guess their alcohol tolerance isnt as high as mine

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