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Default Re: Deadlyx39 and Red Blaster Present: The Team Bracket Tournament!

no badman, the NIA players need to join US!

Psychoangel's One Div. Higher (D2-D3): 2nd
10th Official (D3): 13th
gstarfire's All Skill (D3): 1st
Zenith's Helping Hand (D3): 1st
DC's Team Extravaganza (D4): 5th
FG's Winter Vanilla (D4): 2nd
Portalbob's Round Robin (D4): 3rd
Deadly and Preggers' Bracket (D5): 17th
Squid and Puppy's Summer Vanilla (Host)
Badman's Bloody RNG (D5): 2nd
11th Official (D6): 11th
(as GhostieGoBoo) reuben_tate's Ramen Box Tourney (D6) - 4th
12th Official (D6): TBD

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you know what they say

under all the rust is really shiny... metal
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