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Default Clasko Hearthstone Cup #2

I'm hosting a new bi-monthly tournament, The Clasko Hearthstone Cup - every other Thursday. From what i hear, everyone is sick of ladder. Im looking to generate more interest in hearthstone and encourage friendly competition. Many players have PM'ed me saying they want in, so this is headed in the right direction.

I doing this primary for the FFR community and will not be advertising this anywhere else.
Prize: 7 packs to the winner (paid by me, via paypal)
When: Thursday May 15th @ 9pm cst/servertime.
Check-In: 8-9pm, you are required to contact me in some way.
Players: 4-16, will be adjusted for size.
Format: Standard, Best of 5. Winner of a round must play the same deck. Losing a round means you can not play that class for the remainder of the match. Editing decks is not allowed between rounds.

Clearing up confusion for the bracket: The bracket is already posted, i will add players as i receive PM's. I will put the players name on the bracket, and only add the battle once they have "checked in". At the start time, the bracket will be shuffled and away we go. Easy way to tell if the bracket has been shuffled? If im the number 1 seed then its not shuffled yet.

TO ENTER: Contact me on any medium, post in this thread, or send me a message and include with your full bnet handle. (EX:Clasko#1541)

My contact info:
FFR Messages
Skype: Twans1000
BNET: Clasko#1541

P.S. As the host, I will also be participating.
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