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Default Re: Team Blaze (Thread v2)

Tournament Update~
- End of Round 4 -
Where holy shit how are there still 16 of you
... awe yay we have 16 in the top 16 :3

In D6, U.N. Owen managed to improve to 2-0-1-1, but he still fell victim
to the yellow sea this round, nabbing a 21st place finish in the tourney overall. GJ Trevor <33

For D5, PriestREA managed to snag YET ANOTHER blackflag and is the last soldier for TB now~
Zakvvv666 managed to make a decent improvement to 12-0-1-2, but he and FontSize72LOL are out as well ;_;

D4 was unnaturally calm this round; only person with improvements
was thesunfan, who went from 4g to an exponentially better 3-0-0-3. ~_~ :P

Sweet Angel bumped up her score to 5-1-0-0 in D3, but alas, into the yellow she went ;_;

D2 so lazy. nah jk y'all are just too good


Eliminations/Team Status
Strikeout = eliminated.

D7: Ziergdsx18

D6: Bobby Jeffrey Hill, Elite Ninja, kjwkjw, RB_Spirit, TK_unreal,
U.N. Owen, Charu, ULTIMEGA, awein999, bob bob

D5: PriestREA, Zakvvv666, FontSize72LOL, Xx{Midnight}xX, CammyGoesRawr,TC_mistrisofevl, reuben_tate

D4: PaperclipGames, popsicle_3000, ReikonKeiri, thesunfan, top, Jake Ferguson, Anon1337,
Hateandhatred, magicturbo, raskanally, TheSaxRunner05, 25thhour, Zekramcross, hobgoblinpie

D3: HalfStep, Sweet Angel, femanic, Evascythe

D2: Garquillex, Guest15937, Micah_, sayuncle990, KSl33zy24, Puzzler64
Total Participants: 42

Round 1 Eliminations: Ziergdsx18 [D7], awein999 [D6], bob bob [D6], reuben_tate [D5], hobgoblinpie [D4], Zekramcross [D4].
Remaining Participants: 36
Round 2 Eliminations: ULTIMEGA [D6], TC_mistrisofevl [D5], TheSaxRunner05 [D4], 25thhour [D4], Evascythe [D3], Puzzler64 [D2]
Remaining Participants: 30
Round 3 Eliminations: Charu [D6], Xx{Midnight}xX [D5], CammyGoesRawr [D5], Hateandhatred [D4],
Anon1337 [D4], magicturbo [D4], raskanally [D4], femanic [D3]
Remaining Participants: 22

Round 4 Eliminations: U.N. Owen [D6], Zakvvv666 [D5], FontSize72LOL [D5],
Jake Ferguson [D4], Sweet Angel [D3], Kl33zy24 [D2]
Remaining Participants: 16


A reminder about haikus:
Submit them!!!! Since 6 people got eliminated, the best haiku submitter (Jason and I are judgin')
for each eliminated soul gets 2,000 credits. I'll catalogue them here as they appear xD If you're confused,
please see ben's very informative post above on how to write a haiku, lol.
This ends in two days! (Midnight server time on Feb. 22).

U.N. Owen:
Error code 2-9:
U.N. Owen is asleep.
Print: "Rest in pieces."

Error code 2-9:
U.N. Owen was not her.
Print: "Rest in pieces."

trevor, it's okay
you tried hard, you were peed on
we should hang soon, nyaa~ :3

dear zak, you fought hard
your penis is also hard
please don't get the bat <3

dear zak vee vee vee
you are indeed a ******
but i love you, nyaa~ :3

Your penis is turned on,
Placement not as high as guessed,
Your penis is turned off

On this day, Zak died.
Before his death, he proclaimed:
"Eye am the strongest!"

Zak, you did well so,
I made this haiku for you

Oh shit, that font's huge!
Didn't help your presence much...
Better luck next time! :3

Here, As my eyes close
I begin to fall asleep
My dreams turned to pee
(autobiographical haiku xD)

fontsize seventy
two el oh el, i miss you
kawaii nyaa~ :3

Jake Ferguson:
too roguish last round
yellow found you, but it's fine
still good at french horn ;P

jakuuu, what happened
you weren't supposed to go
please stay with me nyaa~ :3

Sweet Angel:
sweetest of angels
fallen from FFR skies
20th place, woo!

wexxy, this is yours
please cherish it, okay hun?
because i love you <3

angel, you may go
way back up into the clouds
where you belong, nyaa~ :3

You really ARE sweet.
Too sweet for your own good, hm?
Gotta be tougher.


sleezy, you are not
quite the opposite i think
very sexy, nyaa~ :3


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