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Default Re: New FFR Features ?

there's no such thing as winning in a divisionless tournament at least for the 99% of the participants though, i'm sure nobody is gonna join thinking that they're gonna "win" unless they're the top 3 players of the game and even then the skill gap between them is like night and day
i personally(and i believe this applies to everyone else) dont join for any of the prizes i join for the sake of participating in the event alone, of course having ramen as a prize is good motivation but i didn't even consider my chances at a prize until maby round 3
sure having divisions gives people hope and motivation to take part but at the same time it also takes it away from other people equally, and in a divisionless tournament there wont be any winner or loser(for 99% of the players) winning is gonna be by placing as high as you can be it above all players around your level or by placing around people your skill that's subjective to the actual person
i will agree though that rewards in this system are gonna be a mess just looking at the sheer number of participants, i would guess though that the top players would only be playing for a shot at the costume profile tokens and as you get lower on the list stuff like "unlock x songs" is reached "unlock 1 song" "gain 300k credits" "200k" 100k" and so on, so having different types of rewards for different levels of skill could help with balacing, even something like getting custome colored names or discord roles is gonna get people racing up the leaderboards for there's potential for alot to be done
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