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Default Re: New FFR Features ?

You can go divisionless and still have prizes. There could be a token for each 10 percentile finish (top 10%, 20% etc.) and players could push themselves each one to finish higher than before. There are even suggestions in my previous post on how to not have D8 bored the entire time either. I mean, if we threw out divisions, of course the current prizes according to division would be reworked too. I don't think anyone would expect the top 32 to be much different than expected. But you could design it around improving your percentile each time. And requiring fewer files would mean it could be done feasibly every three months. I wouldn't treat it like we'd throw out divisions and keep everything else tre same.

There are other ways to format things, you just have to think outside of the box. Like said previously, we've got our minds too wrapped up in how things were. We can design a system that motivates players to push themselves into higher percentiles of skill.

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