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Default Re: Do I need to upgrade my keyboard?

I mean, it depends, certain keyboards don't have n-key rollover (being able to press all keys at the same time), depending your key setup if thats the case then it could be possible to be be able to play certain chord combos or quads (like if u used df gh or something as ur key setup)

keep in mind that attang got to absolute top level using a macbook keyboard as well as a membrane keyboard. a mech will probably help and it feels nicer for general typing too but its definitely not required and won't just make you instantly better

imo the best brands for keyboards are ducky and filco, ive had a ducky for like 2 years and play for like 2 hours a day every day, and not a single key has stopped working, but theyre pretty pricey, plus john henry lee uses a ducky and windyS does as well

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