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Default Re: On Phone cuz Brother is on Computer

I had a weird dream

In the dream, I went out to eat with my friend and his friend. We sat down at a booth that had three sides to sit in, and we ordered our food. While we were all talking about things, I noticed that I kept subtly sliding to the right towards my friend's friend. I started sliding back to an equal distance and pointed it out verbally, and my friend's friend sounded annoyed about it. It happened two more times later, we still hadn't gotten our food yet, and the third time, my friend's friend started yelling at me, and we got into an argument, and it ended with me pulling out 50 dollars from my wallet and throwing it on the table and running outside. I was thinking to myself about how shitty it was that my friend didn't say anything about what was happening. When I was going to walk to the car that we drove there in, I turned the corner of the building and saw them already pretty much out of the parking lot. It was getting dark, and so I was concerned, so I found some abandoned bike and started cycling around looking for a public phone booth. During that time, the owner of the strip said that the area is closing down for the night, and that we needed to leave. I started biking down a very dark road to try to get home. Then I woke up, and then it was now.

In other news, I am stepping a file for FFR. Since it's labor day I have a lot of free time to do things, which is nice, extended weekend.
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