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Default Re: Benguin and Xelnya's AAA-fest Rates Tournament

Originally Posted by sickufully View Post
Thanks for the tourney guys.

If I had to give constructive criticism, I thought that the songs for round 1 should have been used about mid-way through the tourney. I wasn't a huge fan of trying to AAA songs in later rounds that I couldn't even do on 1x rate and I guess that's why I lost motivation to play. But other than that, I thought everything else was handled well and I look forward to future tourneys. Thanks again guys
The longer the rounds went on I noticed that we'd started a tad too high. I actually ended up dropping the difficulty of the whole tourney because of the feedback during the tourney, and I'm really happy you guys fed me that feedback mid tourney.

Also thanks for the criticism. ^_^

Credits should be getting passed out sometime very soon. Benguin has posted the distributions, and I've sent him the donation pool so that prizes can be distributed, so that should be done within the next day or two or so. ^_^
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