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Default Re: Benguin and Xelnya's AAA-fest Rates Tournament

Thanks for bearing with us guys! I hope those that participated in the tournament had somewhat of a good time There were some rough bumps and patches in this tournament which we apologize for; we plan to learn from this tournament so as to not make the same mistakes in future tournaments.

A large issue with the tourney I believe was trying to garner enough participation. I think the idea of having to AAA a file just in order to submit was a bit intimidating/annoying for some. I think the next time I do a rates tourney, I'm going to try to create a scoring system that both incorporates rates and allows for non-AAA scores to be submitted.

If you had anything you liked or didn't like about the tournament please let us know That way we can use the feedback to create a better tourney next time.

Anyways, as for credit distributions, due to the lack of participation, I decided that most of the credits will go to participation instead of placements since it would be ridiculous to receive a huge amount of credits for getting first place while only playing two rounds for example. The distributions are below:
Total Prize Pot: 550,000

(Only first place)
28% total, 154000 credits
4% each, 22000 credits
D7: One Winged Angel
D6: Hakulyte
D5: MarcusHawkins
D4: grizz13114
D3: Red Blaster
D2: Precarious
D1: TheAwesomeOnion

Participation (72%, 12% each)
(Must have completed all 6 rounds)
72% total, 396000 credits
12% each, 66000 credits

Happening now! Click to join!

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