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Default Re: Help Realizing Which Anime I知 Thinking Of

Originally Posted by drizzleRomanceGirl View Post
will someone please help me realize which anime i知 thinking of? i only watched the very beginning of the anime i think but in the beginning of the anime two boys from the student council are talking and one person says that for his original personality he used to be really impulsive and hot-headed but he changed his personality so he痴 more calm and collected - i think it痴 because he痴 either part of the student council or he got older

also i think they池e in middle school but i知 not sure at all so i could be wrong and i知 pretty sure the anime was released in the 2000s but i知 not completely sure
what color hair did they have?

Originally Posted by TWG Dan Hedgehog View Post
there are 743 matches for hedgehog suicide on deviantart
that's kind of a sad statistic
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