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Default Re: TWG 190: Written in Blood and Betrayal - Game Thread

It's a month long Shmup (Arcade shooter/bullet hell) competition! I'm having problems recording my runs (since none of them are top 3, I'm just submitting screenshots) but many of the players are so you can check the score listings and see footage of the top runs

Still gonna try to stream throughout the month, just gotta work through the tech

Anyway Kappa give me your 3 would-lynch-if-EoD-is-2-minutes-away and reasons why, as detailed as you can. If you're cool, throw in your never lynch as well. EoD is tonight, fellas

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More Parasite Eve!

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Achievement unlocked: reading the setup
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But, I mean, shado claimed to seer check his N0 on N4, so obvs there's some NEXT LEVEL SHIT going down..
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I have beat my meat to storn's posts no less than four times
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